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Your heating system is one of the most important parts of your home. Having a warm house is easy to take for granted when it "just works". Unfortunately heating units tend to break on the coldest days of the year, when they are working the hardest. There might be an easy fix for this issue or it could be something more serious.

This is one of the benefits of doing preventative maintenance on your boiler. There are a lot of safety issues and costly repairs that can be avoided by doing so. Annual service of your boiler can increase its lifespan and ensure it is operating safely.

Signs your heating system might need to be repaired

  • Your house is cold
  • There is water near your heating unit
  • Your carbon monoxide detector is going off
  • You hear loud banging from your pipes
  • The heating unit keeps shutting off
  • You haven't had it serviced in a couple of years

Water Heaters

Water heaters keep the water you use in your sinks and showers hot. Unfortunately they do not have an extremely long life span and will need to be replaced about every 10 years. When you notice your water is not as hot as it used to be there is most likely an issue with the water heater.

Signs your water heater might need to be replaced

  • You're taking a cold shower
  • There's water on the floor near the water heater
  • It was installed over 10 years ago
  • Rust on the body of the unit
  • Corrosion on the water lines


Leaks in your bathroom could end up increasing your water bill substantially. The common culprits are things like a toilet that won't stop running or shower head that is constantly dripping. These leaks can add $100's to your water bill every month, no exaggeration!.

Common issues and upgrades in your bathroom

  • Toilet doesn't stop running
  • Shower head or sink faucet is dripping
  • Tub is draining slowly or completely clogged
  • Upgrading outdated vanity and toilet
  • Upgrading shower head and tub spout


Your kitchen is probably the most expensive area of your home and rightly so. Many families spend most of their time together in the kitchen. Kitchen sinks are known to get clogged and a new dishwasher can be difficult to install. We can help you with these issues and more.

Common issues and upgrades in your Kitchen

  • Clogged sink drain
  • Leaks under the sink
  • Replacing broken dishwasher
  • Installing water line for new refrigerator
  • Hookup up gas line to new stove or oven
  • Upgrading your faucet